Two wonderful couples

I have two wonderful weddings to share today. Cheryl and Steve were married at Our Savior Lutheran Church in Clyde, NC and held their reception at the Maggie Valley Country Club. The Common Saints band played all night and kept everyone entertained. They even helped the children learn to dance like James Brown! I have heard so many great things about them and now I had the chance to see them play. What everyone said is true. They are great! One of the funniest moments I have seen at a wedding happened and I will forever smile when I think about it. For the toast, one of the little girls got the microphone and was very shy at first. Once she decided what to say it came out confidently, with no hesitation and perfect clarity. Can you guess what a little girl would say to a couple in love....a priceless moment......."Cheryl and Steve sitting in a tree, k.i.s.s.i.n.g., First comes love, then comes marraige....." It had me laughing so hard. I'd have to say it was one of the most perfect moments ever.

Another wedding that I am dying to share with you is Megan and Chris. I have already posted her bridal portraits at the Biltmore Estate, but here are a few images from the wedding. Her love of the color pink showed throughout her selections of every detail. Each of her bridesmaids had selected their own flowers to where they were all different but still pink. Megan put so much though into her day that even the flowers were embellished with each girls initials as a silver charm with pink beads. The church had pink flowers on every pew and an arbor of flowers surrounded them during the ceremony. The reception was held at the Crest Center and Pavilion which was spectacular. There was a pink candy buffet with everything from pink and white M&Ms, watermelon twizzlers, strawberry whoppers, to bubble gum flavored rock candy. Megan and Chris were joined by all their family and friends and danced into the night. Congratulations to both happy couples!