Whitnei & Damian

Oh My Gosh! I had such a wonderful time with Whitnei and Damian. Their wedding was held at Springfield Baptist church in Greenville, SC. The church was beautiful, as was Whitnei. Her grandmother wanted her to be married there and so this was very important to them. It was a bit unusual to be married in that church as she is Catholic and he is Methodist. It was a union of the many faiths. How wonderful is that! The reception was held at the Commerce Club in downtown Greenville. The wedding party made their entrance just as the sun was setting over the city. The view was amazing! Mose Stovall and the Pharcyde Band was fabulous! The party went strong all night and everyone had a great evening! After the reception we took off to the Hyatt where they were staying. We had a great couple photo session in the lobby that I am very excited to showcase on my website! Thank you Whitnei & Damian for everything! You are wonderful!