Ali & Barrett

Ali and Barrett planned a wonderful wedding day. It was different from any wedding I have had the pleasure to be part of. We started around 6:30 in the morning documenting the setup. Then I was off with the bride and my assistant was off to meet the groomsmen. Their ceremony was held mid morning at the St James Plantation in Southport, NC. It was filled with tears of joy and lots of laughter. I loved the part when Ali's dad went to his seat and Barrett tried to sneak a kiss in before he was supposed to. He just couldn't help himself. After the ceremony they held a fantastic brunch at the clubhouse. Everyone gathered and I heard one of the most touching toasts from the best man. Yes, I cried. Instead of cutting the cake, they had cupcakes. Very good cupcakes!

Then everyone went and changed for a beach/pool party. It was a great way to relax and have some fun. Who says the guys can't have football on their wedding day?
They have a little fun in the water....

and have a lot of fun in the water....
Then everyone goes back and gets ready for the evening celebration. Ali and Barrett reserved a nightclub on the beach for their reception. I absolutely loved Ali's dress.

They partied all night long. Check out Barrett's smooth moves.
It was a fabulous day!