The sweetest vows EVER!

Jenny and Brian were married at the Trott House Inn in Newton, NC. I have truly enjoyed getting to know this couple over the past several months. We have done a very hot/cool engagement session, a gorgeous bridal session, and now a perfect wedding! One thing that I really loved about their wedding was their vows. She was so giddy throughout the entire wedding and the expressions on her face were priceless. When he said his vows to her, she couldn't hold back her excitement and began a cute little clap. Their words were so perfect. Here are a few quotes: Brian: "And when the translation is complete, hopefully sixty years from now, it probably won't be the story we would've written, and thank goodness for that. Because I doubt we would've written the story of the fire road. And even though we can't know now, the details of this story, I'm sure it will contain plenty of action, passages of poetry, paragraphs of fantasy, mystery and romance, scenes of tragedy, comedy and farce, with footnotes providing historical context. And, I'm sure, at some point, even the dreaded how-to manual will make an appearance."..."So today as we embark on a new chapter, I vow to remain by your side even to the edge of doom, slay dragons, uncover clues, laugh, cry soliloquize, passionately embrace,laugh and cry some more....." Jenny: "Today I promise to walk beside you through our life together. If you need me to hold you hand and drag you, I will. If you need me to stand back and let you go ahead for a while, I will. If you want to run, I will run with you. If you need to sit down, I will sit with you. If we must climb, we will climb. If we can coast downhill, we will enjoy the ride...." Their vows had so much more than I can put here, but these were just a few words to show how wonderful they were. Thank you Jenny and Brian. I wish you a lifetime of happiness!