Courtney and Brandon

This wedding was an experience that I will never forget. Two days before the wedding I had spoken with Courtney to discuss the last minute details and we joked about me going skating on Friday for my friends birthday party, and I said I wasn't going to skate because I didn't want to show up to her wedding on crutches. So Friday came and I went to the skating rink and was standing around watching my friend skate. He was standing at the edge of the barier wall so I decided to take a photo of him with the colored lights in the background. As I walked toward him I stepped off the ledge that I did not realize was there, fell, and sprained my ankle. I showed up to the wedding on crutches. It was so painful and I knew I could not give Courtney and Brandon full coverage of their wedding in my condition. I wasn't about to let a sprain keep me from photographing the wedding, but I knew I needed help. I call up some wonderful friends who came to help. We ended up with 4 wonderful photographers to make sure every detail was captured. I couldn't let my couple down. It was their big day and it had to be spectacular! A big thank you to my assistant Deanna, Regina Holder, and Kelly Giezentanner! You were all so wonderful and helpful and I appreciate everything you did! Courtney and Brandon were so fun and the wedding was simply amazing! I loved working with them and their families. They all got ready at Courtney's parents house which is beautifully decorated and a perfect setting. We did her bridal portraits there as well.

Isn't she gorgeous!

And these ladies were looking so good in their fabulous black dresses!

Check out the gentlemen with a sweet ride! Oh yeah!

I just love this shot of Courtney heading to church. It was a perfect moment as the wind caught her veil. So beautiful!

Her boquet was a cascade of floral beauty!

They have a lot of friends and family to celebrate. There were people in the balcony and even standing in the foyer. They are loved!

A few fun images from the reception that was held at the Greenwood Arts Council. And lastly, here is one of my favorites that Kelly got. I had her set up across the street to capture some wonderful couple images that were stunning. I love play time!