Crest Center and Pavilion

Rachel and Andrew chose the Crest Center and Pavilion for their wedding and reception. It has stunning views of the mountains and the staff were fantastic to work with. It is a great location. As we were shooting their couple photos the day of the wedding they told me a funny story about the day Andrew proposed. The name of this post should actually be "lets steal it!" Andrew had the idea of setting up a surprise proposal for Rachel, and her friends were in on it. He was supposed to be out of town but had come in for this surprise without her knowing. He had the ring waiting in a gazebo wrapped with her name on it. As she walked by, her friend pointed out the gift just sitting there with no one around. Rachel had the bright idea and said "we should steal it." But little did she know it was hers anyway...When she picked it up she saw her name on the box and then out came Andrew and proposed. How sweet, yet funny, is that! Check out what and beautiful wedding this was!