English Garden Wedding at Pinebrook Manor

I absolutely LOVE this wedding and all the little details. Amber and Tag chose to have an English Garden Wedding at Pinebrook Manor in Hendersonville, NC. One of my favorite dresses ever, Amber's ceremony gown was designed by her friend. The bottom layer was from her grandmothers gown with an overlay of blue and lace. Absolutely stunning!
Love the creativity for the ceremony set up and each guest having their own vintage chair.
This image just touches my heart. Amber and her grandfather. So sweet!
The garden was brought inside for the reception by Choy's Flowers and Ikebana. Love her use of flowers in the tent. Amber creativity didn't end with the ceremony, she had picked tea cups for each guest and each table was named after their favorite tea. A true English Tea Garden Party! Each table had different ribbons and accents. So cute!
And what would this party be without something for the ladies to wear in their hair...
Loved their first dance and her adorable reception dress and pink shoes!