Nashville TN

I love to travel and I enjoy spending time with my friends. I just returned home from Nashville TN, where I spent the last few days writing a song for my website with some really great friends. John Willis works with top of the industry artists and I had the honor for him to get creative with the music. http://www.johndwillis.com Stephanie Willett sang all the vocals and I am very excited for the finished product. http://www.stephaniewillett.com I definitely learned that I am not cut out for the music industry as a writer or singer, and I completely respect all the hard work they put into their art. I also had the opportunity to photograph Andrea Pearson, a singer songwriter from Canada. http://www.andreapearson.com She is absolutely beautiful and so sweet. I am very excited to have a full day coming up soon with her. We are going to have a lot of fun. Thank you to everyone for making the past week so cool.