Dana and Devin

I had so much fun with Dana and Devin this weekend! Their wedding was held in Charlotte, NC at St. Margarets Episcopal Church and reception at the Firethorne Country Club. It was just beautiful! We met early in the day when the ladies got together for a quick brunch at the Ballantyne Resort and then headed up to their room to get ready. Dana had everything planned so well with timing the events of the day, that they were able to get everything in that she wanted. I met up with the gentlemen at the church for their finishing touches. The ceremony was beautiful. I love this shot of a little laughter during the ceremony. We did all the family pictures and then headed off to the Country Club where we had an opportunity to get some fun couple and bridal party pictures. I just love when the sun is perfect and dreamy. Devin was such a gentleman and fed her the cake nicely, and then she turned around and well, lets just say it got a little messy. It was very cute when he chased her across the dance floor for a sweet kiss. And by sweet I mean cake covered. After the beautiful sparkler send off, we went back to the hotel for a few shots that I just loved. The resort had some awesome locations, and we took full advantage of the settings. A big thank you to Digital Memories Video as they were great to work with. And, thank you Dana and Devin for letting me be part of your celebration!