Cliffs at Glassy Chapel Wedding & Cliffs Valley Reception

Cliffs at Glassy
Alex and Kevin were married a few weeks ago at the Cliffs at Glassy Chapel which is so beautiful! It was pouring the rain that afternoon, but it was also pouring love! I loved that they wrote their own vows! It was precious when Alex was reading hers to Kevin as he reached to wipe away her tears. So much love! There are a lot of images that I want to share from this wonderful day. But before I do, I have a few people to mention that helped make this day so beautiful : Choy's Ikebana and Flower Shop did a wonderful job with the flowers and decorating the Cliffs Valley Clubhouse for the reception. The amazing cake was created by Tom Hohman of the Cliffs Communities. So beautiful and delicious! Cliffs at GlassyCeremony at Cliffs at Glassy ChapelCorey Cagle PhotographyPhotobucketCorey Cagle PhotographyCliffs at Glassy
Just Married!!!!
Cliffs at Glassy
Showing off that bling!!!
Cliffs at GlassyCliffs Valley  wedding Receptioncandy buffetCliffs Valley ReceptionCliffs Valley Reception
There are a few things I learned about this group of amazing people...They really know how to dance, celebrate, and EAT MARSHMALLOWS!
What a great send off!!!
Cliffs Valley ReceptionCliffs Valley Reception