I have had a wonderful birthday. We celebrated last night at the Olive Garden with most of my family and friends. Waynette of Sweet Promises made an awesome birthday cake that was so delicious! I am so happy that everyone could make it, especially my life long friend Charlene. I realized just how lucky I am to have so many people close to me that I can share my life with. Being that I had two of my dear friends there (who just happen to be photographers) I got some amazing images to remember my day. Thank you Regina and Athena. Life changes so quickly and we grow up so fast. I think back to just 10 years ago when I met my husband and see just how far we have come. Our love is so strong and I don't think I could be where I am today without his love and support. Lots of people come to their birthday with their minds set to "oh no another year older", but I am so happy to be where I am and have so much to live for. Today is a point in my life that I can say I am 30, truly happy, and I am very excited to see where I go from here.

I spent the day with Payton to celebrate 2 years! We played with her new dollhouse, Dora, and glitter all over our faces. FUN FUN FUN I have to say she is so beautiful. It is amazing what you see looking up from a child's point of view. I love her excited little laugh when she hears other children laughing, her sweet little shhhhh while reading, and the way she loves her mom. Happy Birthday Payton! Click here for her slideshow.


My first wedding of the year was with a sweet couple in Lincolnton, NC. Tara and Kirk were wonderful. For January, I expected freezing temperatures or snow, but instead we had bright blue skies and in the 70's. It was terrific! Thanks for an awesome day!


I had the pleasure of photographing a wonderful couple just before the new year. Nicole kept telling me they were very excited to have found me and with our conversations about their the shoot, I knew this was going to be fun. The information they provided in their worksheets allowed me to create a plan for the day with some great places that were real and meant something to them as a couple. We started at a sushi bar, strolled downtown, stopped for a glass of wine, and went to the garage to shoot with Adam's off road jeep (currently under repair). He was a little reluctant thinking this would not be good for photographing, but it turned out awesome. After we finished, I was so happy that I had to show them the photos from the back of the camera. I can't wait to shoot the wedding. View their slideshow


Happy New Year is definitely true. I had the most wonderful evening with my husband. We drove to Atlanta GA to see the Cirque and it was awesomely indescribable. I was there laughing and in awe the entire show. You should check out their website and if you ever get a chance to see a show, I would highly recommend it.