Red Horse Inn

I had a wonderful opportunity to visit the Red Horse Inn in Landrum, SC today. It is a stunning bed and breakfast with outstanding customer service and the most beautiful views. It is an ideal location for the perfect wedding! Not only will you be amazed by the people but you will also find the little details do not go unnoticed. Welcome cards for each guest at the room door, fresh rose petals on the bed, and a little laughter to end the day, are just a few things I loved. It is a picture perfect place for a dream wedding. Check out their website to see for yourself. Thank you Christian for a wonderful tour.



I finally took a vacation. My husband and I, along with his side of the family, all got together for a week away. I wanted to share with you some of the amazing things I saw along the way. I have to say the safari was one of the best parts of the trip.

Oh...did I mention our vacation was to Disney World in Orlando, FL. It was so awesome! Our nephews had a blast and I just couldn't help but take pictures. I don't get to see them often, so it was wonderful to get to spend some time with them. Yes, I took all my gear to Disney. I really looked like a tourist....except when I had my face painted to blend in with the locals....

It was really cold the first few days there, but it didn't keep us from playing! My husband stayed bundled up and we had fun! I felt like a kid again, all excited and riding the roller coasters over and over. I think I could have done that all day long. But, I had the private safari to go on. I love vacation!