Chantal and Brian

Chantal and Brian were married at the Ocean Club at Grande Dunes in Myrtle Beach, SC. It was a very unique wedding customized to the couple. Each of the bridal party members participated in the readings. Each reading was special in what it had to say. They included quotes from Denise Levertov, Blaise Pascal, and R.M.Rilke along with a Chinese proverb and an Apache wedding prayer. Brian's mother read The Key to Love. Another thing I loved about the ceremony was the explanation of the birds nest. A bird's nest is its home. It does not come pre-made. It is something that is built piece by piece, with lots of hard work, to have a place for a family. Brian and Chantal each wrote their vows and after the ring exchange were sent off in celebration! The reception was filled with dancing, singing, and lots of laughter. The toasts were fantastic. One of the groomsmen even wrote a song as a toast and had all of the guests involved in singing along with him! Just fabulous!!!! Congratulations to Chantal and Brian!


I had a wonderful trip with my friend Stephanie to Philadelphia for a fabulous photo shoot! I had such a great experience! The area we stayed in downtown was actually clean and it was in the middle of everything. I was surprised. As we were walking around looking for the perfect location I spied a red phone booth at the end of an alley. Being just the two of us in a big city with lots of camera gear, we thought twice about it. You know dark alleys are not always a good place to be. However, we scoped it out and decided it was safe. That was most important! By the end of the shoot we had an audience captivated by her! Stephanie, you rock girl!


Whitnei & Damian

Oh My Gosh! I had such a wonderful time with Whitnei and Damian. Their wedding was held at Springfield Baptist church in Greenville, SC. The church was beautiful, as was Whitnei. Her grandmother wanted her to be married there and so this was very important to them. It was a bit unusual to be married in that church as she is Catholic and he is Methodist. It was a union of the many faiths. How wonderful is that! The reception was held at the Commerce Club in downtown Greenville. The wedding party made their entrance just as the sun was setting over the city. The view was amazing! Mose Stovall and the Pharcyde Band was fabulous! The party went strong all night and everyone had a great evening! After the reception we took off to the Hyatt where they were staying. We had a great couple photo session in the lobby that I am very excited to showcase on my website! Thank you Whitnei & Damian for everything! You are wonderful!


Engagement Session

Jenny and Brian did not know what they were in for when we met for their engagement session on a very HOT day. We walked through the gardens and they laughed and played and when we were finished, I made the suggestion to get in the water to cool off. And I did not mean just to get their feet wet....They were soaked for the drive home, but it was totally worth it! Thanks Jenny and Brian for letting my creativity flow. You were wonderful!!I can't wait to post her bridal photos and the wedding isn't too far away. I am so excited!

Pretty Place Chapel

Joy and Kevin were married at one of the most beautiful locations, Pretty Place Chapel at Camp Greenville. It is a pavilion overlooking the mountains. The view is stunning. It was a bit hazy due to the heat, but still breathtaking. Joy, the ladies, and a few of the gentlemen got ready at the Elizabeth Leigh Inn in Hendersonville, NC which was a perfect location. It has a beautiful decor. After the ceremony we all drove to the High Vista Country Club where they greeted their guests and danced the day away! We had a few moments to grab a few shots at the country club before entering which were just amazing. There were beautiful views there as well. Joy and Kevin, I wish you all the best! Thank you for choosing me to capture your wedding memories!