How to Manage a Small Photography Business During the Holidays

How to Manage a Small Photography Business During the Holidays

If you landed here, chances are, you probably are wondering how in the world one person can manage so much during regular seasons, much less, someone managing the holidays.  Being that Asheville is one of the top destination wedding locations in the US and the fact that I'm a wedding photographer, this is one of the busiest times of year for me.  So managing all the normal day to day tasks is hardly easy.  So with over 14 years of experience, I put together a few things that really help me manage this time.

  1. Set a schedule.  Because like everyone else, you deserve some time to yourself, your family, and to recharge.  So set a "work schedule."  For instance, if you're a photographer like me, I like to make "shooting days" and "editing days."  And I always always always turn off my notifications from email one day a week.  I'm always available via phone and text in case of an emergency.  I shoot on specific days and editing days are where I put my favorite jams on and sit down to tackle the so important, yet time consuming task of editing/perfecting images.
  2. Outsource.  Yep, if you look at incredibly successful businesses, you may notice that they have finance managers, department managers, operations managers, etc.  The same goes for small businesses.  Start at your least favorite task and outsource that.  And slowly pick off things that seem like they are not manageable any longer and focus on sending those tasks to someone who loves doing them.  This does two things: frees up your time to do the things YOU love to do, while giving those tasks to someone who also loves to do those things or runs their small business by doing them. Some of my outsourced items: housework, laundry, and cooking.  Only good can come of that, and I tip my hat to all things good. ;) And my husband is VERY thankful I outsource the cooking!
  3. Set realistic expectations for your clients.  If you are like me and your busier in the fall, your turnarounds may change.  Be sure to relay that information to your clients so they aren't left wondering what the hold up is.  It's ok for things to take longer if you have more on your plate, but it's not ok to ignore emails and not give your clients a heads up on the those changed times. I always give my clients a timeframe of when to expect their images and have never missed a date.
And most importantly, you're doing amazing.  Give yourself a break.  Have a glass of wine, a shot of Feudshine moonshine, or treat yourself to a nice dinner.  You deserve it.

And because I can't have a post without a couple beautiful images, enjoy this sweet eye candy of Megan's bridal portrait session in downtown Asheville! <3  

Until next time-

Maternity Photography | Celebrating Baby Cash

Asheville Fine Art Maternity Photographer | Excited Anticipation

I had a great time with this couple during their maternity session.  We did an on site session at their beautiful home on Lake Norman.  Their home offered lots of gorgeous spaces to capture this excited mom and dad to be. Mom had picked out multiple outfits and was prepared with ideas of the images she wanted to capture while I was there.  We did a portion of the session inside of their home and part outdoors.  I loved capturing her relaxing on the chaise lounge chair, looking out the wall of windows.  It not only allowed for incredible natural light for an indoor photo, but so perfectly represented the way anxious mothers feel in those last few days waiting to meet their precious baby. 

A Gorgeous Mommy-to-Be

Mommy made for a beautiful subject and was really fun to work with.  She was absolutely radiant.  It was fun to see how the couple has decorated baby Cash's nursery.  It was elegant but kid friendly at the same time, with an upscale animal theme running throughout.  From the perfect positioned pictures to the carved creatures, animal inspiration was all around.

It was such a beautiful day, we headed outside for a few images of mom and dad together.  They were adorable. It was easy to see the love these two have for one another and are sure to share with their sweet baby boy.


Asheville Baby Shower Photographer | Welcoming Baby Cash

Asheville Baby Shower Photographer | Welcoming Baby Cash

There were no holds barred for this incredible baby shower.  It was extremely elegant and lavish.  The couple's Lake Norman home made for the perfect venue for the special event.  Gorgeous tables were set up around their pool and outdoor fireplace, overlooking the lake. A beautiful buffet table, donned with stunning flower arrangements and delicious food awaited the arrival of guests when I first got there. Beautiful blues and creams made for a great color palette to represent the upcoming arrival of Baby Boy, Cash.

Celebrating their Little Man

His name was incorporated throughout the celebration; atop the cake and cupcakes, and some baby blocks.  He was also represented by his initials, which acted as the centerpiece atop the beautiful bar.  There was no lack of personalized onsies either.  This lucky little man is sure to have everything he needs and more.  Mom and dad had quite the haul of goodies at the end of the day.  They are so excited to welcome their little man.  They are working hard to get everything completed for his arrival, including construction of the nanny and baby wing on the house, and it all looks amazing.

It was a great idea for them to have included a professional photographer at their celebration.  They could rest easy and enjoy the baby shower knowing that someone was documenting their important day.


Asheville Wedding at the Crest Center | Katy and Louis

Asheville Wedding at the Crest Center | Katy and Louis

This couple and their wedding party had huge personalities.  It was a blast to be a part of the event as their photographer.  They had so many fun and unique elements to their wedding, like the custom save the dates, which were drawn by the couple's friend. Groom, Louis, is a huge comic book fan, which made for an incredible inspiration.

Celebrating a Stunning Couple

Katie made a beautiful bride.  Her pin up style hair do and bold lip looked stunning with her lace, Maggie Sottero, Darija dress.  Louis' suit was pretty magnificent as well.  He made a statement in brilliant blue.  Katie and Louis were married at the Crest Center and Pavilion.  Their ceremony was held outside, where their backdrop was an incredible view of the mountains.  It was truest breathtaking.  I loved the different locations the venue offered for one of a kind images outside.  There were so many different areas for their session around the grounds.  Inside the venue was gorgeous, as well.

A Special Surprise

Katie's father daughter dance was precious.  The duo had a choreographed number and it was a big hit.  They have a special bond and it was fun to see the way they interact.

The couple included a slow motion video/photo booth as part of the festivities and the images were some of the most entertaining I have ever seen.  They are a testament to just how fun this group was.  They had a good time getting down on the dance floor too.  I had a good time capturing everyone as DJ, Sound Extreme, kept everybody moving and grooving.  The night even included a little bit of limbo.

This Asheville Wedding was one for the books and I am thrilled to have been this special couple's wedding photographer.

Venue: Crest Center and Pavilion
Florist: Etsy Vendors (Carolina Rosa Designs & Bohemian Bouquets)
Baker: Gateaux
Caterer: M7 Events
Band/DJ: Sound Extreme
Event Planner: Exquisite Events