Stephanie's Miraculous Story

Remember Chelsea and Adam's wedding? So much fun, so very many special touches, and so many truly wonderful people. One of those wonderful people was the maid of honor, Stephanie Lipscomb. Stephanie's story is incredible. She had brain cancer and was part of a clinical trial with Duke. Stephanie's results? Truly miraculous. Chelsea and her Maid of Honor's story touches my heart so much. I simply must share Chelsea's letter to me and the article from WSPA, Greenville, SC.

  Hey Corey!!! I am still in love with our wedding pictures. They are beautiful and you are such a    
  wonderful photographer!! I remember telling you before the wedding, but had to share Stephanie's 
  story with you that was on 60 minutes Sunday and local news today. Thank you for capturing so 
  many special moments of us during the wedding. I will forever treasure them thanks to you!! 

GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) — The FDA is calling a clinical trial that killed a cancerous brain tumor in an Upstate woman a medical breakthrough. Stephanie Lipscomb was first diagnosed with brain cancer in July of 2011, at just 20 years old, during her sophomore year of college at USC Upstate. Lipscomb received chemotherapy, radiation, and had a craniotomy to remove the tumor.
In April of 2012, the cancer returned. Stage 4 Glioblastoma. The most aggressive brain cancer, that has no cure.  Stephanie’s options were limited. She couldn’t have any more radiation, and her tumor didn’t respond well to chemo the first time. Her doctors at Duke University suggested a clinical trial that had never been tried on humans, that had done well on primates. The process would use a re-engineered polio virus, injecting it directly into the brain. The polio attacked the tumor, first causing it to swell, then awakening the immune system to attack the tumor. Stephanie was the first human the new trial would be used on.
Within months, Stephanie’s tumor disappeared.
Stephanie, now a nurse, has now been cancer free for 4 years, and considers herself cured. Dozens of patients responded positively to the trial and because of the success with Stephanie, the FDA has deemed the trial a medical breakthrough. This allows researchers to have private companies raise money for more research and allow the trial to someday be opened up to all cancers.
bride and maid of honor | Corey Cagle Photography


Proposal at Biltmore Estate

He asked and she said yes!!!! Together for 5 years and he knows just how much he loves her. We planned this for a few months getting every last detail in place. He did his research on location and wanted somewhere private, so Deerpark Trail it was, on the Biltmore Estate. Such a perfect moment and oh my the ring!!!! 1890 circa found while vacationing. He knew it was perfect for her and he had to have it. I heart Morgan and Michael..and don't forget Mai Mai, their fur baby. She was so sweet and I had the pleasure of dog sitting the next day while they toured the estate and had lunch. Yep, I got the good deal on that one getting to play with her. Needless to say my cat wasn't so sure she liked the idea though. Ha Ha! She just laid there as a BIG poof of fur, staring!