Wedding Bouquets to Inspire You

If you're getting married soon, one of the key components of planning a wedding are the flowers. They add so much detail and character to a wedding, and you want them to reflect your style and vision. I remember my wedding day and the many meetings I had to set up to plan each and every detail – the venue, the cake, the flowers. I never realized how much goes into it! Picking out flowers can be a fun process, but there are so many options to choose from. Selecting the style for you can be a tricky process, but so worth it in the end. Just imagine the possibilities!

Reflecting your Personal Style

Choosing flowers and greenery that are in season can definitely save you from burning a hole in your pocket. Since spring is here and summer is right around the corner, there are many gorgeous options to choose from that are super affordable!

Another thing to consider when picking out your bouquet for the wedding is the style. A lot goes into building arrangements, and each florist is different. For example, you may choose to have a traditional and simple bouquet on your big day, or maybe you want something more modern in design. Be sure to look at several different florists, instead of going with the first one you see. You may be surprised with what catches your eye and meets your vision!

Over the years, I have seen many bouquets that have caught my eye, and each and every one of them was unique and filled with character. One of the biggest differences in bouquets that I have seen is the wide array of colors. From white to orange to rainbow, they are all gorgeous and tend to fit in with the wedding and décor perfectly. What a fun way to add character to your wedding!

Oh how I love the romantic feel of this delicate bouquet!!!

And just look at all the textures in these bridal bouquets!!! Oh MY!!!!

Finding the right style for your bridesmaids bouquets is exciting too!

Hopefully these beauties have given you some inspiration to find the perfect wedding bouquets!


Destination Asheville | An Epic Engagement Session

So many of my couples come to the Asheville area for their wedding. It is one of the top destination locations for a wedding in the US. That's pretty cool right?!?!? I think so. Whether it is a mid way point for families on the east coast, the gorgeous mountain views, the Biltmore Estate, or because of the incredible breweries filling the area, there are numerous reasons to choose Western North Carolina for your wedding. And to send out your save the dates, wouldn't you want an engagement session to choose the perfect photos that show your personality, where you are getting married, and well... some crazy fantastic images of you and your love? Leah and Erik did just that...

Personalized Engagement Session

The weather doesn't always cooperate with the best of plans. Though I do love nature's soft box of beautiful cloudy skies, sometimes that brings rain. In this case we split the session up into two days to beat the passing storm and get some incredible images. Leah and Erik ... I am super excited for your wedding!!!

One of my favorite images was from the end of the second day. What a HOT .... day! Leah, you looked B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L!!!!

Ok Erik, you win for the sweetness factor!

I LOVE it when you let loose and enjoy the session! Have fun! Play! Love on each other! Be you! They definitely were up for anything!

Ok, two more of my favorites... I just cannot resist! You two were AWESOME to photograph!!!!

Wedding Cakes Galore | Personalized Sweet Treats

Getting married is such an exciting time in your life! Saying “I do” at the altar is a huge step and commitment with your partner. Many of us look forward to that big day since we were children. However, a lot goes into planning a wedding. Let’s face the facts – when it comes to picking out a dress, a venue, a band, décor, and food, it can get super overwhelming! You want your day to be perfect, and finding the right style for you is critical in making your wedding day perfect. As a wedding photographer, I have seen countless weddings that all have their unique little twist. One of my favorite things to see, photograph, and taste are the wedding cakes! Some prefer their cake to be classic, beautiful, and traditional. While some put extra thought and personality into it. Over the years, I have seen hundreds of cakes that are super fun!

Personalizing Your Sweet Treats 

Adding character to personalize a cake is something that many of my amazing clients have chosen to do. One sweet couple I had the pleasure of working with had details throughout the wedding of the places they traveled and adorned their cake with little trinkets of their favorite places. Another cake was inspired by the bride’s favorite childhood book The Giving Tree. And for the Star Wars fans out there… a Death Star groom's cake! How cool was that! It was a HUGE hit! What about your groom's favorite sports team? You know you want to surprise him with his own cake! Ooooh unless it is a house divided on that front, then you each get a fan cake! My house would be Steelers and Panthers cakes.

Having a cake that is personalized is such a fun way to make your guests smile! I have enjoyed seeing the many cute little details that my clients have added to their cakes, and look forward to seeing many more!

Now that you are craving some deliciously awesome wedding cakes, lets talk details on your wedding ideas!