Inn at Tranquility Farm Wedding

When you need a small town feel, gorgeous ceremony backdrop of mountain views, an elegant getting ready location, and a reception venue with chandeliers and a gorgeous fireplace all in one space... the Inn at Tranquility Farm in Waynesville, NC is for you!

Mountain Wedding 

Once again Mary Bell Events created and executed the perfect day for another couple. Chase and Mike promised their life long love to one another surrounded by their closest friends and family. Groom and Groom happily ever after! Moments of love, joy, and OMG! lots of laughter and fun carried them through the evening. One detail that stands out to me is the closeness of the friendships and family. Everyone there adored this couple and celebrated to the fullest. And I absolutely loved their ribbon send off! Just beautiful!!!

The copper accents against the wine color are true perfection!

Matching Groom and Groom rings

A whole lot of sass! 

And smiles!

Sometimes the view right in front of you cannot get any better...especially when it is your true love!

I love moments like these... stolen away and just there with each other. Nothing else matters.

Walk this life with me, hand in hand ... forever!

With this ring... I honor you. I love you. I marry you.
I love the details!!!

Now be nice.....

Shoe game laughter!

And that's how it's done! Go ahead ya'll get down!

Bohemian Rhapsody lip sync for the win!